Death Records:

1.  Elick Keer (this is really Alexander Kerr w/name misspelled) -- File # 6150
born 8 Dec 1830 Pennsylvania
Male, White, Married
died: 7 Feb 1910 Wayne, Auglaize county, OH
age at death: 79 y 1 m 29 d
occupation: farmer
Father: Walter Kerr of Pennsylvania
Mother: says don't know (mother is actually Eleanor McIlvaine of Pennsylvania)
Cause of death: Aortic Stenosis
Contributory: Rheumatism
signed by: M. L. Johnston 7 Feb 1910
Informant: Geo Keer (this is really George Leroy Kerr, son)
Address: West Newton
Place of Burial: West Newton
Burial date: 9 Feb 1910
Undertaker: E. N. Lowman, Harrod, Ohio

2.  Minta Almary Fess Keer (this is actually Minta Almira Richey) - file # 30555
born: 25 Jul 1872 Ohio
Female, White, Married
died: 4 Jun 1911 Auglaize twp, Allen county. (thought you might want this one, too, though she did not die in Auglaize county, because she's #1's daughter-in-law)
age at death: 38 y 10 m 5 d
Occupation: Housewife
Father: Mr. Fess (father actually Andrew Jackson Richey; see note at end) of Ohio
Mother: Barbry Fisher (father Barbara Herring; see note at end) of Ohio
Cause of death: Himephlegia - right side
Signed: M. L. Johnston 3 Jun 1911
Harrod, Ohio
Informant: Geo Keer (George Kerr, husband)
Address: Harrod, Ohio R.F.D. #1
Burial: West Newton Cemetery 6 Jun 1911
Undertaker: E. N. Lowman, Harrod, Ohio

Note: Minta's mother Barbara Herring was married first to Henry Fess; when Henry Fess died Barbara remarried to Andrew J. Richey.  Andrew Richey is Barbara's actual father but various records list her maiden name as Fess even though Henry Fess was dead some 6 years before she was born.  Barbara was often called Grandma Fess, so this may have led everyone to think Minta's father was Henry Fess, too.  Barbara's mother was a Fisher.

3.  Duplicate certificate to #2 above but this time it was redone to say Minta's father was Mr. James Fess and mother Barbay Fisher.  Cause of death same w/the additional words "cerebral hemorrhage."  File # 30553.

Re. #s 1-3 above, I also have Minta's husband's death certificate, also her mother's and father's (all 3 died in Allen county).

4.  Nancy Colthrin/Cothesor Berry -- file # 52392
born: 20 Oct 1844 Madinson co, Ohio (Madison)
Female, White, Married
died: 9 Aug 1928 Waynesfield, Auglaize county
age at death: 83 y 9 m 23 d
Occupation: Housewife
Father: William Webb, birthplace unknown
Mother: Elizabeth Crawford, birthplace unknown
Cause of death: Fracture of neck of femur & terminal gangrene
Signed: J. H. Heileman
10 Aug 1928 Waynesfield, Ohio
Informant: Marion Berry, husband
Waynesfield, Ohio
Place of Burial: Willow Branch 10 Aug 1928
Undertaker: Glenn J Hanson, Alger, Ohio

Death-Additional Information form filed w/Nancy Berry's death certificate.  It stated for Nancy Catherine Berry's death, physician needed to state the manner in which the fracture was received & whether accidental.  Information added: Caused by falling at her home and was accidental.  Signed 7 Jan 1929.

5.  Francis Marion Berry - file 64776
born: 16 Aug 1845 Auglaize county, Ohio
Male, White, Widowed
died: 21 Nov 1928 Waynesfield, Auglaize county
age at death: 83 y 3 m 5 d
Occupation: Labor
Father: Can't read first name Berry, birthplace unknown
Mother: Mahelia McCoy, born Allen county, Ohio
Cause of Death: Cerebral Apoplexy
Signed: J. H. Heileman
21 Nov 1928 Waynesfield, Ohio
Informant: Mrs. Tellie McFarrin
211 East Vine St; Lima, Allen county
Place of Burial: Willow Branch 23 Nov 1928
Undertaker: Glenn J. Hanson, Alger, Ohio

6.  Albert Sidney Keer (Kerr actually; this is brother in law of Minta above, son of Alexander Kerr) - file 64096
born: 1 Jul 1871 Ohio
died: 26 Dec 1910 Auglaize twp, Allen county (another Allen county but ties into the first ones up above)
age at death: 39 y 5 m 25 d
Occupation: Laborer
Father: Alaxender Keer of Ohio (Alexander Kerr, actually)
Mother: Belle Thomas of Ohio
Cause of death: Typhoid fever
Signed: Geo J Roberts
27 Dec 1910 Westminster, Ohio
Informant: Mrs. Albert Keer (Kerr), wife
Harrod, Ohio
Place of Burial: Mt. Zion Cemetery 28 Dec 1910
Undertaker: E. N. Lowman, Harrod, Ohio

7.  Thomas Sylvester Bennett - file 266
born: 28 Sep 1842 Ohio
says Female, White, Married (but Male, actually)
died: 31 Jan 1915 Waynesfield, Auglaize county
age at death: 72 y 4 m 3 d
Occupation: Retired Merchant
Father: John G. Bennett of Pennsylvania
Mother: Melvina Grooms of New Jersey
Cause of death: Acute labar pneumonia
Contributory: chronic interstatial nephritis
Signed: J M. can't read last name
1 Feb 1915 Waynesfield, Auglaize county.
Informant: Mrs. T. S. Bennett
Waynesfield, Ohio
Place of Burial: Willow Branch 3 Feb 1915
Undertaker: A. F. Basil, Waynesfield, Ohio

8.  Lucy Ann Bennett - file # blank
born: 4 May 1838 Ohio
Female, White, Single
died: 29, 1916 Waynesfield, Auglaize county
age at death: 78 y 7 m 25 d
Occupation: Housekeeper
Father: John G. Bennett, Pennsylvania
Mother: Alvina Groom (actually Melvina) of New Jersey
cause of death: Organic Heart Disease
signed: J. H. Heileman (probably same man as earlier but last name written clearer) 30 Dec 1916
Waynesfield, Ohio
Informant: J. R. Bennett
Waynesfield, Ohio
Place of burial: Willow Branch 31 Dec 1916
Undertaker: A. F. Basil, Waynesfield, Ohio

Title: Old Pioneer
Subtitle: Uncle Doc Bennet Answers Death's Call the Past Week

re: George Baldwin Bennet of Waynesfield, Auglaize county

      George Baldwin Bennet died at his late residence in Waynesfield just before mid-night Sept. 6, 1907 at the advanced age of 85 years, 6 months and 22 days.  He was born in Columbia county, Penn., Feb. 15, 1822.  When he was about 7 years old his parents moved to Ohio and settled in Franklin county and in 1849 moved to Union township which was then in Allen county.
      Mr. Bennet married Mary Ann Basil April 2, 1843, and with the exception of about two and one-half years which was spent in Iowa, they lived together in and around Waynesfield for nearly sixty-three years.  To this union was born fourteen children, ten of whom are living.  There are fourteen grandchildren and nine great grand-children.
      Uncle Doc as he was generally called, was one of the pioneer business men here.  His first venture was in the old mill and he dealt in lumber at that time.  When coffins were yet made by hand Uncle Doc assisted in making quite a number out of Walnut lumber.  For many years his fellow citizens recognized his good judgment and sought his advice in legal matters.
      During his career as a country merchant eggs were carried to market and sold at three cents a dozen and other prices were in proportion.  He was in business here during the panic of 1873.
      Mr. Bennet served in various public official capacities.  He was village clerk and notary public at the age of 75 and did his work without the aid of glasses.  He served as justice of the peace in Union and Wayne townships and as clerk in Wayne township and Waynesfield village.  His interest in education is shown by his 21 years of service on the board as education, besides his work as a school teacher 51 years ago.
      When the village of Waynesfield was laid out he took an active part in the work.  He also taught a singing class for a number of years.
      Mr. Bennet's life was consistent all through and he took an active part in church work.  He served as S. S. Superintendent and taught a class in the old M. P. church.  He was not a member of any church but at the time of his death said his name was written higher.
      He was a weakly man for about fifty-eight years, the result of a fall when a young man.  For a man so advanced in years, being the oldest man in the township, he had a remarkably good memory and could carry on a good conversation up to the time of his last illness which began August 2nd and even since then he used good judgement and talked sensibly in as much as his physical strength would permit.
      Mr. Bennet is the last of a large family of the old Bennet's to answer death's call for which he was waiting and ready to receive.  He was a good man, an honorable citizen, affectionate husband and a faithful and kind father.
      The funeral services were conducted at the M. P. church Monday afternoon by Rev. Henkle and the remains laid to rest in the Willow Branch Cemetery.

John R. Bennett; obituary dated 1 August 1948

      John R. Bennett, of Waynesfield, Auglaize county's only remaining Civil War veteran, died at 1 a.m. Saturday, July 31st, at this home.  Bennett, who was 103 years old last May 11, was re-elected adjutant and quartermaster at the 82nd annual encampment of the Ohio GAR held last June in Columbus.  The county centenarian has suffered a fall in his home at Waynesfield about eight weeks ago, and has been in uncertain health since.  He had long been proud of his voting record.  At the last May primary he went to the poll and obtained a GOP ticket.  He said many times he started casting ballots when he was only 19.  He reportedly was informed in his teens by his Army captain, "Go ahead and vote.  If you're old enough to carry a gun you are old enough to vote."  Earlier this spring Bennett had expressed hope that it would be possible for him to attend the big Auglaize County Fair this August.  He missed last year's event -- the first in the history of the fair.  Just previous to his 100th birthday anniversary, Bennett had been installed as a 32nd degree Mason, Valley of Dayton.  He was a member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles and an honorary member of the Elks Lodge Wapakoneta.  During his active years, Bennett was occupied in the pursuit of farming and later managed a saw and grist mill in Waynesfield.  He was born in Waynesfield on May 11, 1845.  All his life was spent in and around his birthplace.  He was a member of the Methodist Church in Waynesfield.  Surviving him is a daughter Mrs. Ada B. Skinner, with whom he made his home and one brother, Sherman, 83 also of Waynesfield.  He was one of a family of 14.  He was preceded in death by his wife and one daughter.

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